Die Informatik kann Lösungen für gegebene Probleme errechnen. Ändert sich das Problem jedoch stetig, wie im Fall eines Verkehrssystems, haben es die so genannten flexiblen cyber-physischen Systeme schwer, stets optimale Lösungen vorzuschlagen. In einem von der FFG geförderten Projekt versucht man nun mit Methoden der Wissensverarbeitung, neue Ansätze zu entwickeln, die ein automatisiertes und schnelles Reagieren auf neue Gegebenheiten ermöglichen.

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Prof. Radu Prodan

Prof. Radu Prodan participated at the final meeting of the “Network for Ultra-scale Computing (NESUS)” COST action, where he was co-leader of the “State of the art and continuous learning in Ultra Scale Computing Systems” working group. He participated in an “In-Cooperation H2020 research projects panel”, where he represented the two H2020 projects he is involved in: ENTICE and ASPIDE.

Entice Logo

Prof. Radu Prodan and Dr. Dragi Kimovski participated at the final review of the H2020 project “ENTICE: Decentralised Repositories for Transparent and Efficient Virtual Machine Operations”, coordinated by their previous affiation, the University of Innsbruck.

Narges Mehran officially joined Radu Prodan’s team at ITEC@AAU

Prof. Radu Prodan

Prof. Radu Prodan together with Prof. Vlado Stankovski from the University of Ljubljana edited a special issue on the modern topic of “Storage for the Big Data Era” in the Journal of Grid Computing.

Bitmovin, the online video software and infrastructure company founded by the co-creators of the MPEG-DASH video streaming standard, has raised $30 million in Series B funding. The round is led by Highland Europe, with participation from existing investors Atomico, Constantia New Business, Dawn Capital, and Y Combinator. Bitmovin is a spin-off of Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, specifically the Institute of Information Technology (ITEC) and in the context of the FP7 projects ALICANTE and Social Sensor. Further news about Bitmovin can be found on their blog: Bitmovin blog
Links: Bitmovin , Techcrunch

Prof. Radu Prodan and his group of three researchers from the University of Innsbruck (Dr. Dragi Kimovski, Roland Mathá and Nishant Saubrauh) officially joined ITEC@AAU.

Based on their excellent performance in the review process Hermann Hellwagner & Christian Timmerer are among the 100 distinguished TPC members of IEEE Infocom 2018!
Congratulations! http://infocom2018.ieee-infocom.org/committee/tpc-members

Prof. Radu Prodan acquired a new H2020 FET-HPC project called ASPIDE: exAScale ProgramIng models for extreme Data procEssing. The ASPIDE project will contribute with the definition of a new programming paradigms, APIs, runtime tools and methodologies for expressing data-intensive tasks on Exascale systems, which can pave the way for the exploitation of massive parallelism over a simplified model of the system architecture, promoting high performance and efficiency, and offering powerful operations and mechanisms for processing extreme data sources at high speed and/or real-time.

tiroler cloud

Prof. Radu Prodan together with the help of Prof. Hermann Hellwagner obtained aproval for transfering the FFG Bridge-1 project Tiroler Cloud “A federated energy‐aware Cloud for industrial, business, and scientific applications” from the University of Innsbruck to the University of Klagenfurt. It is for the first time in its history that FFG approved changing the coordinator of an FFG Bridge-1 project.