Hosted by SINTEF AS, the project meeting of Graph-Massivizer took place from February 07-09, 2024, in Trysil, Norway.
On February 09, a Joint Workshop of the projects UPCAST, enRichMyData and Graph-Massivizer took place to share knowledge across the projects related to data challenges and approaches, find synergies in technology and data sharing, and identify future collaborations.

Funded by the EU, HiPEAC (High-Performance Edge And Cloud computing) is the premier focal point for networking, dissemination, training, and collaboration activities in Europe for researchers, industry, and policy related to computing systems.

The HiPEAC webinar series allows you to keep up to date on the latest advances in computer architecture and compilation research via online sessions, which can be accessed anywhere.

The Graph-Massivizer Project webinar took place on November 29, 2023. After an introduction by Nuria De LamaRadu Prodan presented the background of GraphProcessing, from Euler‘s five-node graphs to the massive graphs of today, and the motivations for the project.

 Project details have been presented by Reza Farahani and Matteo Angelinelli.

WEBINAR is online now:



At Christian Doppler Laboratory ATHENA, we offer an internship*)**) for 2024 for Master Students, and we kindly request your applications by the 19th of January 2024 with the following data (in German or English):

  • CV
  • Record of study/transcript (“Studienerfolgsnachweis”)

*) A 3 months period in 2024 (with an exact time slot to be discussed) with the possibility to spend up to 1-month at the industrial partner; 20h per week “Universitäts-KV, Verwendungsgruppe C1, studentische Hilfskraft”
**) Depending on whether the funding gets approval from the CDG.

Please send your application by email to

About ATHENA: The Christian Doppler laboratory ATHENA (AdapTive Streaming over HTTP and Emerging Networked MultimediA Services) is jointly proposed by the Institute of Information Technology (ITEC; at Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt (AAU) and Bitmovin GmbH ( to address current and future research and deployment challenges of HAS and emerging streaming methods. AAU (ITEC) has been working on adaptive video streaming for more than a decade, has a proven record of successful research projects and publications in the field, and has been actively contributing to MPEG standardization for many years, including MPEG-DASH; Bitmovin is a video streaming software company founded by ITEC researchers in 2013 and has developed highly successful, global R&D and sales activities and a world-wide customer base since then.

The aim of ATHENA is to research and develop novel paradigms, approaches, (prototype) tools, and evaluation results for the phases

  1. multimedia content provisioning,
  2. content delivery, and
  3. content consumption in the media delivery chain as well as for
  4. end-to-end aspects, with a focus on, but not being limited to, HTTP Adaptive Streaming (HAS).

The new approaches and insights are to enable Bitmovin to build innovative applications and services to account for the steadily increasing and changing multimedia traffic on the Internet.


The Graph Massivizer Project is part of the European Big Data Value Forum!

The team participates in a session exploring the latest in #KnowledgeGraph technology with real-world use cases in agrifood, industry 4.0 and healthcare. As part of the session, metaphacts GmbH founder Peter Haase will discuss the importance of knowledge graphs as a foundational layer for #AI applications.

The @DataCloud2020 dissemination Workshop, oriented by project partners @SINTEF, took place on the 26th of October as part of the @icpm_conf 2023, hosted by @SapienzaRoma. Narges Mehran participated for UNI-KLU.
@DataCloud2020 booth stand at the Auditorium Antonianum for the 5th International Conference on Process Mining (@icpm_conf 2023).

Delighted to host last #PlenaryMeeting of #Datacloud 2020 project. Final adjustments for tool integration and business cases deployments ahead.

The GraphMassivizer plenary meeting is underway in #Walldorf, hosted by our valued partner metaphacts GmbH

We’re thrilled to gather for three days of collaboration, sharing project results, and planning upcoming activities.

Radu Prodan, Laurentiu Vasiliu, Irina Schmidt, Roberta Turra, Peter Haase, Richard Lloyd Stevens, Alexandru Iosup, Ana-Lucia Varbanescu, Nuria De Lama, Reza Farahani.

Sebastian Uitz and Hannes Dermutz had an amazing time showcasing their highly anticipated game, A Webbing Journey, at the Level Up event at Messe Salzburg on July 1 and 2, 2023. The event was a vibrant gathering of game developers and enthusiasts, providing the perfect platform to connect with fellow game devs and experience many fantastic games.

At our booth, attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of “A Webbing Journey” on the PC, Steam Deck, and Nintendo Switch. Players of all ages were captivated by the game’s endearing storyline and unique gameplay mechanics, embarking on a spider’s extraordinary adventure. The valuable feedback from the event-goers will be crucial in further refining and enhancing the game for its upcoming release.

In addition to the exhilarating gameplay experience, we had the privilege of sitting down for an insightful interview with the FM4 radio channel. It was an incredible opportunity to discuss the inspiration behind “A Webbing Journey” and delve into the game’s captivating features. We’re grateful for the chance to share our journey with a broader audience and promote the excitement surrounding our game.

Sebastian Uitz and Michael Steinkellner showcased their game, A Webbing Journey, at the A1 Austria eSports Festival in the Austria Center Vienna on May 27, 2023. The booth, featuring two PCs, a Steam Deck, and a Nintendo Switch, offered players of all ages a delightful experience. Valuable feedback was gathered, fueling the team’s determination to enhance the game for future events.

We are grateful for the positive response and eagerly await incorporating the feedback received. With its endearing storyline and unique gameplay mechanics, the game continues to build anticipation for its official release, offering an enchanting adventure filled with exploration and heartwarming quests.

During the session, experts delved into the challenges of processing massive amounts of data and explored cutting-edge technologies that can handle such extreme data requirements.

From graph-based solutions to distributed computing frameworks, attendees shared valuable insights into the evolving landscape of data management. The discussion highlighted the need for scalable infrastructure and intelligent algorithms to efficiently process and analyze vast datasets. The future of data management is promising, thanks to innovative approaches showcased in the session. Stay tued as we continue to push the boundaries of data processing and drive advancements in the field through the Graph-Massivizer Project Together, we’re shaping the future of extreme data management!

BDVA – Big Data Value Association