Prof. Jorge Barbosa from the University of Porto visited ITEC@AAU for a period of 10 days to conduct joint research in the area of virtualisation technologies and scheduling in Cloud computing.

On April 13, 2018 the ‘Lange Nacht der Forschung 2018‘ (long research night) took place again in Austria and the medical multimedia research group of ITEC did also participate in this exciting event that communicates research works to the public. Our booth at Klagenfurt University showed ‘How neural networks can help surgeons to improve surgical quality‘ and it was a great success: several thousands of people came to see our research efforts and they were stunned by our interesting demos and hands-on experiences: real-time instruments detection, real-time smoke detection (with dry ice), and several laparoscopic operation simulator boxes where visitors could test their surgical skills (we also had an original KARL STORZ Endoscope with corresponding laparoscopic instruments). Photo by Riccio.

Christian Timmerer

The 1st International IEEE MIPR 2018 is held in Miami, Florida April 10-12, 2018 which is about multimedia information processing and retrieval. Christian Timmerer will present an invited paper that deals with the “automated objective and subjective evaluation of HTTP adaptive streaming systems”. This paper responds to the challenge of a plethora of media players and adaptation algorithms showing different behavior but lack a common framework for both objective and subjective evaluation of such systems. Additionally, Dr. Timmerer is a guest speaker at Florida Atlantic University (per invitation from Prof. Oge Marques) where he will present a framework for adaptive delivery of omnidirectional video. Omnidirectional or 360-degree videos are considered as a next step towards a truly immersive media experience.

Such videos allow the user to change her/his viewing direction while consuming the video. The download-and-play paradigm (including DVD and

Blu-ray) is replaced by streaming, and the content is hosted solely within the cloud. This talk addresses the need for a scientific framework enabling the adaptive delivery of omnidirectional video within heterogeneous environments.

Poster Christian Timmerer Talk IEEE MIPZ 2018

Prof. Radu Prodan

Prof. Radu Prodan participated at the program committee meeting of “The 27th International Symposium on High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing” (an A*-class conference) organised at Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory in Berkley, California, USA. At the co-organised “CS-Seminar: HPDC Program Committee Research Talks”, he gave a presentation on “HPDG: Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming”.

Prof. Neeraj Kumar and three other researchers from the Thapar University, Patiala, Punjub, India, visited ITEC@AAU for a period of 10 days. They research together with Prof. Radu Prodan a “QoS-aware Energy Management Scheme for Self-Sustainable Data Centers using Renewable Energy Sources”, a project jointly funded by ÖAD and DST.

Die Informatik kann Lösungen für gegebene Probleme errechnen. Ändert sich das Problem jedoch stetig, wie im Fall eines Verkehrssystems, haben es die so genannten flexiblen cyber-physischen Systeme schwer, stets optimale Lösungen vorzuschlagen. In einem von der FFG geförderten Projekt versucht man nun mit Methoden der Wissensverarbeitung, neue Ansätze zu entwickeln, die ein automatisiertes und schnelles Reagieren auf neue Gegebenheiten ermöglichen.

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Prof. Radu Prodan

Prof. Radu Prodan participated at the final meeting of the “Network for Ultra-scale Computing (NESUS)” COST action, where he was co-leader of the “State of the art and continuous learning in Ultra Scale Computing Systems” working group. He participated in an “In-Cooperation H2020 research projects panel”, where he represented the two H2020 projects he is involved in: ENTICE and ASPIDE.

Entice Logo

Prof. Radu Prodan and Dr. Dragi Kimovski participated at the final review of the H2020 project “ENTICE: Decentralised Repositories for Transparent and Efficient Virtual Machine Operations”, coordinated by their previous affiation, the University of Innsbruck.

Narges Mehran officially joined Radu Prodan’s team at ITEC@AAU

Prof. Radu Prodan

Prof. Radu Prodan together with Prof. Vlado Stankovski from the University of Ljubljana edited a special issue on the modern topic of “Storage for the Big Data Era” in the Journal of Grid Computing.