Philipp Moll

Philipp Moll presented his Paper on “Persistent Interests in Named Data Networking” on the Vehicular Technology Conference in Porto

Recent research in the field of Information-Centric Networking (ICN) shows the need for push-based data transfer, which is not supported in current pull-based ICN architectures, such as Named Data Networking (NDN). IoT deployments as well as emergency notifications and real-time multimedia communication are well suited to be realized using the ICN principles, but experience challenges in pull-based environments. Persistent Interests (PIs) are a promising approach to introduce pushlike traffic in Interest-based ICN architectures such as NDN. In this paper, we explore the characteristics of PIs and discuss advantages and disadvantages of using them. We provide an efficient solution for preventing so-called Data loops, which are introduced by giving up NDN’s one-request-per-packet principle. Furthermore, we investigate the performance of PIs compared to classical Interests in terms of the computational complexity of forwarding and discuss possible applications of PIs.
AT: IEEE 87th Vehicular Technology Conference in Porto on 2018, June 3rd.
Preprint of the Paper