Paper accepted in IEEE Internet Computing Magazine

Title: Beyond von Neumann in the Computing Continuum: Architectures, Applications, and Future Directions

Authors: Kimovski, Dragi; Saurabh, Nishant; Jansen, Matthijs; Aral, Atakan; Al-Dulaimy, Auday; Bondi, Andre; Galletta, Antonino; Papadopoulos, Alessandro; Iosup, Alexandru; Prodan, Radu

Abstract: The article discusses the emerging non-von Neumann computer architectures and their integration in the computing continuum for supporting modern distributed applications, including artificial intelligence, big data, and scientific computing. It provides a detailed summary of the available and emerging non-von Neumann architectures, which range from power-efficient single-board accelerators to quantum and neuromorphic computers. Furthermore, it explores their potential benefits for revolutionizing data processing and analysis in various societal, science, and industry fields. The paper provides a detailed analysis of the most widely used class of distributed applications and discusses the difficulties in their execution over the computing continuum, including communication, interoperability, orchestration, and sustainability issues.