Paper accepted: Evaluation of Storage Placement in Computing Continuum for a Robotic Application: A simulation-based performance analysis

Journal of Grid Computing

Authors: Zeinab Bakhshi, Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas, Hans Hansson, Radu Prodan


This paper analyzes a persistent storage method’s timing performance for distributed container-based architectures in industrial control applications. The method focuses on ensuring data availability and consistency while accommodating faults. The analysis considers four aspects: placement strategy, design options, data size, and evaluation under faulty conditions. Experimental results considering the timing constraints in industrial applications indicate that the storage solution can meet critical deadlines, particularly under specific failure patterns. Moreover, the method is applicable for evaluating timing constraints in other container-based critical applications that require persistent storage.Further comparison results reveal that, while the method may underperform current centralized solutions under fault-free conditions, it outperforms the centralized solutions in failure scenarios.