Logistics 5.0: From Intelligent Networks to Sustainable Ecosystems

Authors: Juanjuan Li, Rui Qin, Cristina Olaverri-Monreal, Radu Prodan, Fei-Yue Wang

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles

Abstract: As part of TIV’s DHW on Vehicle 5.0, this letter introduces a novel concept, Logistics 5.0, to address high complexities in logistics CyberPhysical-Social Systems (CPSS). Building upon the theory of parallel intelligence and leveraging advanced technologies and methods such as blockchain, scenarios engineering, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and Operations (DAOs), Logistics 5.0 promises to accelerate the paradigm shift towards intelligent and sustainable logistics. First, the parallel logistic framework is proposed, and the logistics ecosystem is discussed. Then, the human-oriented operating systems (HOOS) are suggested to providing intelligent Logistics 5.0 solutions. Logistics 5.0 serves as a critical catalyst in realizing the “6S” objectives, i.e. Safety, Security, Sustainability, Sensitivity, Service, and Smartness, within the logistics industry