CodeAbility Austria – Digitally supported programming education at Austrian universities

Authors: Clemens SAUERWEIN1 (Innsbruck), Ruth BREU (Innsbruck), Stefan OPPL (Krems), Iris GROHER (Linz), Tobias ANTENSTEINER (Innsbruck), Stefan PODLIPNIG (Wien) & Radu PRODAN (Klagenfurt)

Abstact: High-quality programming education at universities is a significant challenge due to rapidly increasing student numbers, tight teaching budgets and a shortage of instructors. The “CodeAbility Austria” project aims to meet this challenge by establishing suitable programming learning platforms. In this paper, we introduce the project in more detail, present the results of our empirical research on the experiences and challenges of using programming learning platforms, and provide an outlook for future work.

Link: Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung