Christian Timmerer

Christian Timmerer attends Qualinet and Qomex to discuss state of the art and future of Quality of Multimedia Experience

Qualinet is a network of excellence initially funded by COST and technical sponsor of the International Conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience (Qomex). Christian Timmerer is a member of the management committee and working group leader within Qualinet and steering committee member of Qomex. Qomex was hosted in Klagenfurt in 2013 and this year it will be held in Sardinia, Italy. Christian Timmerer will participate in the PhD mentoring program and in the industry panel discussing R&D aspects of QoE with representatives from Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Opticom, and Netflix. Qomex is a top-ranked international conference and among the twenty-best conferences in Google Scholar for subcategory Multimedia. For further details please visit links below.