The 7th Klagenfurter Winter Game Jam has concluded

Ran from December 15 to 17, 2023

With 165 registered participants and 35 games submitted, this was the largest game jam hosted in Klagenfurt to date!
A warm thank you to everyone who participated and/or helped – this event was a big success.

Same as every semester, students, teachers, alumni, and externals all worked together, formed teams, and made various games within 48 hours. We also had many international online participants joining us, e.g. from the Netherlands or even from Brazil.
This time, the topic was “Caution Fragile”, which was interpreted in different ways – from detective stories, board games and, pen-and-paper games, VR games, to classical arcade video games, the results were more varied than ever!

Please feel free to check out all the games here:

A final shoutout to Dynatrace, Plincs, Sensolligent, Fire Totem Games, Dirty Paws Studio, the FTF and the University for making this possible!