Paper accepted at EuroPar LSDVE Workshop 2021

Title: SMART: a Tool for Trust and Reputation Management in Social Media

Authors: Manuel Herold, Nishant Saurabh, Hamid Mohammadi Fard, Radu Prodan

Abstract: Social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular and essential for next-generation connectivity. However, the emergence of social media also poses critical trust challenges due to the vast amount of created and propagated content. This paper proposes a data-driven tool called SMART for trust and reputation management based on community engagement and rescaled sigmoid model. SMART’s integrated design adopts a set of expert systems with a unique inference logic for trust estimation to compute weighted trust ratings of social media content. SMART further utilizes the trust ratings to compute user reputation and represent them using a sigmoid curve that prevents infinite accumulation of reputation ratings by a user. We demonstrate the SMART tool prototype using a pilot social media application and highlight its user-friendly interfaces for trustworthy content exploration.