Paper accepted: A distributed geofence-based discovery scheme for the computing Continuum @ MESDD

Titel: A distributed geofence-based discovery scheme for the computing Continuum

Euro-Par 2023,

Authors: Kurt Horvath1, Dragi Kimovski1, Christoph Uran1,2, Helmut Wöllik2, and
Radu Prodan1

1 Institute of Information Technology, University Klagenfurt, Klagenfurt, Austria

2 Faculty of Engineering and IT, Carinthian University of Applied Science
Klagenfurt, Austria

Abstract: Service discovery is a vital process that enables low latency provisioning of Internet of Things applications across the computing continuum. Unfortunately, it becomes increasingly difficult to identify a proper service within strict time constraints due to the high heterogeneity of the computing continuum. Moreover, the plethora of network technologies and protocols commonly used by the Internet of Things applications further hinders service discovery. To address these issues, we introduce a novel mobile edge service discovery algorithm named Mobile Edge Service Discovery using the DNS (MESDD), which utilizes intermediate code to identify a suitable service instance across the computing continuum based on the naming scheme used to identify the users’ location. MESDD utilizes geofences to aid this process, which enables fine-grained resource discovery. We deployed a real-life distributed computing continuum testbed and compared MESDD with three related methods. The evaluation results show that MESDD outperforms the other approaches by 60% after eight discovery iterations.