Hackathon @ ITEC

On May 8th, 2024, Mathias, Tom, and a group of helpers organized the first internal generative AI mini hackathon. More than ten people participated and tried their hand at using various forms of generative AI – such as text, image, sound, and 3D model generation. After 8 hours of coding and testing, the common goal of creating an engine to generate new Pokemon-like creatures started to take shape and achieved some presentable results! Much was learned about how much is reachable in such a short period, and insights into many potential uses of generative AI were gained. The event also fostered contact between ITEC and Athena Lab employees, ISYS, and NES! Using what was learned, a locally hosted LLM (akin to ChatGPT) for ITEC will be presented soon and possibly extended for university-wide use later. Thank you to everyone who attended; hopefully, similar events can be hosted again in the future!