TitleA 5G-Enabled Fog Infrastructure for Automated Operation of Carinthia’s 5G Playground Application Use Cases
Distributed Middleware Services for Automated Operation of 5G Applications in the Computing Continuum
PeriodJanuary 2021 – February 2025
DescriptionThe concept of Fog computing decentralizes the Cloud HPC hotspot towards the Edge of the network by exploiting the new generation of computationally and energy‐efficient mobile devices, such as routers, routing switches, multiplexers, and other access devices integrated with wide‐area networks (WAN). Such Edge devices currently penetrate the 5G domain and represent an attractive alternative for offloading data preprocessing and computing tasks from low‐end IoT devices with URLLC requirements. The combination of Cloud, Fog, and Edge computing created a new concept called computing continuum, representing a fluid ecosystem that aggregates distributed heterogeneous devices, resources, and services to support emerging on‐demand IoT applications.
Project leaderUniv.-Prof. DI Dr. Radu Prodan
EmployeesBogdan Mihai; Luca Braun; Nicolas Bossi; Selina Isak BSc; Shivi Vats MSc
Cooperations Siplan,
FH Kärnten
Sponsored or supported byBABEG,