Title A 5G-Enabled Fog Infrastructure for Automated Operation of Carinthia’s 5G Playground Application Use Cases
Period 2021-2024
Web https://c3.itec.aau.at

The concept of Fog computing decentralizes the Cloud HPC hotspot towards the edge of the network, by exploiting the new generation of computational and energy-efficient and mobile edge devices, such as routers, routing switches, multiplexers and other wide area network integrated access devices. Such edge devices are currently penetrating the 5G network domain and represent an attractive alternative for offloading data preprocessing and computation tasks coming from the end IoT devices, while keeping communication latencies low according to 5G standards. Unfortunately, managing heterogeneous 5G edge devices in response to application requirements in a distributed Fog environment is still a manual process that lacks automated middleware support with respect to common operations like resource provisioning, monitoring and performance adaptation. While Cloud computing managed to bridge this gap through advanced middleware technologies like virtualization and scalable services (e.g. OpenStack), Fog computing is still in an incipient stage that misses a similar automated support.