TitleDynamic knowledge-based (re)configuration of cyber-physical systems
PeriodNovember 2017 – April 2020
DiscriptionNetworked flexible cyber-physical systems (CPS)monitor their environment for change (system faults, altered system objectives,attacks, etc.) and adapt for optimal results by reconfiguring the employedsystem components and system structure. Knowledge-based systems (e.g. ASP) areamong the best approaches for configuration, proven to (a) enhance the qualityof the configuration by application of complete and sound problem solvers and(b) reduce the development and maintenance costs of configuratorssignificantly. However, such configuration systems are static and not efficientenough for large-scale reconfiguration as needed by CPS. DynaCon will providean integration of CPS stream reasoning with ASP (re)configuration, design newmethods and algorithms for efficient, large-scale reconfiguration based onlazy-grounding, and by that exploit the advantages of knowledge-based(re)configuring for CPS. The suitability, flexibility, and benefits of DynaConwill be demonstrated on four diverse use cases: (i) road traffic control, (ii) communicationnetworks for controlling power generation, (iii) communication networks for informationservices, and (iv) railway operation.
Project leaderUniv.-Prof. DI Dr. Hermann Hellwagner
EmployeeUniv.-Prof. DI Dr. Hermann Hellwagner
Cooperations Department of Applied Informatics (AINF) – Project Lead