A Webbing Journey @ Button Festival 2023

On Friday and Saturday (March 10 and March 11, 2023), Sebastian Uitz presented his game “A Webbing Journey” with his partner Michael Steinkellner and Noel Treese at the Button Festival at the Messe Graz. Their booth consisted of 2 PC, a Steam Deck and a Nintendo Switch, all running the game. This was the first time the two handheld devices were used at an event, and people loved playing on them. The Nintendo Switch was a fan favourite for all the kids. The older players tended to the Steam Deck because it’s still a new console, and most of them had never had the chance to play on it before. Similar to other events, a lot of feedback in the form of new ideas for quests and possibilities to extend the game were gathered, which will be implemented in the following weeks and months, ready for the next event in May.