Mag. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Bernd Münzer

+43 (0)463 2700 993635
Short CV
Bernd Münzer is currently a postdoc researcher in the research project “EndoViP2”. He received his Master’s degrees in 2011 (Information Management, Mag.) and 2012 (Informatics, Dipl.-Ing.), and his Ph.D. degree (Dr. techn.) in September 2015 from Klagenfurt University, all with distinction. His research focus is on content-based analysis of videos from endoscopic surgeries in order to enable a comprehensive video documentation and efficient post-procedural analysis of procedures. In his diploma theses he first surveyed the current situation of video recording and usage in the medical domain of endoscopy and gave a comprehensive market overview of currently available systems. Based on that, he further investigated in detail how content-based video analysis could be incorporated in such systems in order to improve management efficiency and generate an added value for physicians. In his Ph.D. thesis he investigated how the enormous data volume of endoscopic video recordings can be substantially reduced by domain-specific video compression that exploits domain-specific characteristics and also considers perceptual aspects of video quality. In EndoViP 2, he continues his research in this challenging field.