Assoc.-Prof. DI Dr. Mathias Lux

Mathias Lux
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Short CV
He is working on user intentions in multimedia retrieval and production and emergent semantics in social multimedia computing. In his scientific career he has (co-) authored more than 60 scientific publications, has served in multiple program committees and reviewer of international conferences, journals and magazines, and has organized several scientific events. He is also well known for managing the development of the award winning and popular open source tools Caliph & Emir and LIRe ( for multimedia information retrieval. Dr. Mathias Lux received his M.S. in Mathematics 2004 and his Ph.D. in Telematics 2006 from Graz University of Technology, both with distinction. He worked in industry on web-based applications, then as a junior researcher at a research center for knowledge-based applications. He was research and teaching assistant at the Knowledge Management Institute (KMI) of Graz University of Technology and in 2006 he started working in a post doc position at Klagenfurt University, at the Institute for Information Technology.
Computer Games, Multimedia Information Systems, Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science

Automatisierte Generierung von Unternehmenslogos (FFG), Entwicklung einer Applikation für Mobiltelefone (FFG), CodeMM, Echtzeitnahe multimediale Visualisierung bei Simulationen an Fahrzeugprüfständen (FFG), UniKluHiStories, SOMA I.T., SOMA, Code-MM, Konzeptuelle und prototypische Entwicklung verschiedener Spielvarianten (FFG)